LVC and Training

Valkyrie is a well-recognized and respected contributor to Navy and Joint War fighting Readiness. Valkyrie provides leadership and senior-to-mid-level technical expertise in Fleet live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training operations and requirements; tactical and operational levels of war; systems engineering in support of Fleet LVC training systems; waterfront training; and curriculum development.

Modeling and Simulation

Our primary efforts focus on creating, testing, delivering, and supporting mathematical simulations for training, analysis, and research. We are constantly working to provide our clients with more relevant results so they can make better-informed decisions. To that end our products are tailored to meet ever growing operational and decision support requirements. Today, we support M&S applications that range from the internationally acclaimed, operational level simulation, the Joint Theater Level Simulation - Global Operations (JTLS - GO®) to federations that include JTLS - GO and a variety of high-resolution models.

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