Valkyrie’s extremely knowledgeable AEGIS Reps work closely with NAVSEA Program Offices to resolve combat systems integration issues.

We are a chosen participant in maintenance engineering reviews and workshops for INSURV, SURFMEPP, and CPA. Valkyrie also participates in enterprise Knowledge Sharing Networks, NAVSEA technical and engineering forums, and liaisons with other technical activities for analysis and status information regarding C5I and Aegis Wholeness programs. We have contributed to in-service support of Surface Combat Systems by providing technical solutions to the problems inherent in the modernization and lifetime support of systems from fleet introduction to eventual phase-out and provided engineering support to operations and maintenance activities to ensure the lifetime support of Surface Combat Systems.

C5i background2

Our In-service Engineering support efforts include:

Readiness Assessments

Material Inspections

Shipboard Maintenance Principles Training

Ship Integration and Testing

Equipment Grooms for HM&E and C5I Systems

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