Dave Streett

President and CEO of Valkyrie


Valkyrie Enterprises is a preeminent provider of advanced engineering services and technology solutions oriented to support United States’ warriors and allies. Delivering an extensive array of capabilities in C5I systems, missile defense, digital and systems engineering, advanced modeling, and information technology systems, Valkyrie’s highly recognized equipment modernization, systems sustainment, installation, and repair services sustain its customers around the globe. As with the Valkyries of old, the Company stands ready to partner with and support American warriors and allies at home and abroad.


Valkyrie’s strategic approach to growth and acquisitions successfully developed its portfolio and expanded its footprint into the niche markets of maritime products, joint interoperability services, communications support and infrastructure in the Defense, State, and Federal, and NATO arenas. These growth efforts further positioned Valkyrie onto the global stage underscoring a diplomatic mission supporting the U.S. national security posture.



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